We have assembled the right team to make the “impossible” of the future, happen today.

We are driven by an incessant need to overcome challenges and have the scars to prove it.  Our engineers have landed rovers on Mars.  Our founders are the pioneers of commercial human spaceflight.  Our investors have transformed bold ideas into new industries.

Working together as a family unit, our team is establishing a new paradigm for resource discovery and utilization that will bring the Solar System into humanity’s sphere of influence.



The technology developed to mine asteroids holds value in our mission, and in yours.

At Planetary Resources, we combine best practices in commercial aerospace with a Silicon Valley mentality of rapidly iterating on our software and hardware.

The same innovations we are deploying to prospect asteroids also dramatically reduce the cost of observing, communicating and maneuvering in space for our customers.

These technologies include our low-cost systems in avionics, controls, communications, propulsion and observation.



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Asteroids are the most valuable real estate in the Solar System.

Why go to space to mine asteroids? Simple, many of Earth’s precious resources we depend on today originally came from asteroids. Isn’t it about time we went to the source?

Every new frontier that has ever flourished in the history of humanity did so by utilizing the local resources at hand. Space will be no different.

The asteroids we are targeting contain valuable materials such as iron, nickel, rare platinum group metals, and hydrogen and oxygen for rocket fuels. They are energetically much closer to Earth orbit than both the surface of Earth and the Moon.  There is no better “local” source of resources to cultivate this frontier.