Popular Mechanics Digests Asteroids

First of all, thanks to Popular Mechanics for putting us on the cover this month. Super cool! And thanks to all of you who gave us feedback on our initial list of Kickstarter pledge levels aimed at building a public-use space telescope! We’ve had a number of requests for photos. So in this Blog, it’s… Read more »

Asteroids, Alien planets or your house?

Last month you told us you’re excited about a Kickstarter project to build a high-powered ARKYD-100 space telescope for your personal use. (Planetary Resources is building its own constellation of Arkyd-100’s to use for finding Near Earth Asteroids, of course… This would be an additional spacecraft produced just for your use). Based on your initial… Read more »

Planetary & Virgin Galactic, Tech Details…

Hi Everyone, This blog update is dedicated to providing some additional technical background on our plans and near-term mission.

Planetary Resources, Inc. Announces Agreement with Virgin Galactic for Payload Services

“LauncherOne” to provide launch capability for the Arkyd series of robotic spacecraft for the exploration and commercial development of Near-Earth Asteroids

The Arkyd name (origin) and YOU

Awesome input on what you’d want to see if we end up doing a Kickstarter Campaign. We got 173 brand-new ideas and a ton of votes on the best ones. In general the idea of our manufacturing an extra Arkyd-100 Space Telescope for you, our community, and building, launching and operating it for you through… Read more »