Market for H2O

H20 will open up a Trillion dollar market in Space.

The present day space economy spends Billions on rocket fuel each year to propel spacecraft into their final orbits and to keep those spacecraft safely in their positions.

Water from asteroids can be broken down into Hydrogen and Oxygen-based rocket fuels in order to meet this growing demand. Strategically placed re-fueling stations can triple the up-mass of GEO-stationary orbit bound rockets, extend the life of telecommunications satellites, and remove hazardous space debris all for a small fraction of current costs.

And water is more than the “oil of space”. In orbit and beyond, water plays a critical role hydrating astronauts, providing oxygen for life support, and serving as a shield against harmful radiation in space.

To date, all water and water-derived resources necessary for spaceflight have been brought from the surface of the Earth at exorbitant expense. Of all constraints to the expansion of humanity off Earth, our dependence on Earth-sourced water is the most limiting. Sustained growth into the Solar System requires use of the local resources. Fortunately, asteroids are the most abundant, accessible source of water in space.

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