Our Workplace

Working in the “Asteroid Mines”

At our asteroid mining spacecraft factory in Redmond, WA we build the most advanced spacecraft for our mission, and have the best team making it happen. Being a part of our team means you become a part of the family of Asteroid Miners – so take a peek at exactly what that is like.


Mason the Spaceman

Asteroid Miners

If you work at Planetary Resources, don’t be surprised if you learn things you haven’t imagined and accomplish things you’ve only dreamed of.

Spacecraft Factory

In mid-2014 Planetary Resources moved into our brand new asteroid mining spacecraft factory.  Here, we build spaceships, but also encourage you to be a maker!

Past, Present & Future

We’ve traveled an amazing path to get to this point and we’re on an exhilarating journey to the future.  If you join the Planetary Resources team, you will build the future of tomorrow, today, with us!

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