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Joining the Planetary Resources team means you will be an active part of a pioneering vision to expand humanity into the Solar System – one spacecraft at a time. It also means that you will be joining a family of doers, innovators, comics, visionaries, expert BBQ-ers and friends.

Our audacious long-term goal helps attract and retain the best people in the world. The mission also constrains our engineering and cost in ways that drive entirely new ways of approaching space systems.

Nearly five years of research and development in advanced space systems enable our commercial asteroid prospecting endeavors. They also pave the way for new commercial and government opportunities in Earth Orbit.

If you want to become an Asteroid Miner and develop space with us, let us know.

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Working the Mines

At our Asteroid Prospecting spacecraft factory in Redmond, WA., we build the most advanced spacecraft available today for our long term mission to mine asteroids, and our near term mission to bring value to the global markets. Being a part of our team means you become part of building a future vision for humanity, while creating value for the mission of today and tomorrow. So…what is it like to be an asteroid miner?

Our Stellar Team

Accomplish your goals with an amazing team by your side and do things you never dreamed of!

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Our “Digs”

In our advanced facilities, we build spaceships, but also encourage you to be a maker!

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Our Path

We’ve traveled an amazing path to get to this point and we’re on an exhilarating journey to the future.

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Bring your skills to the next frontier.

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