Our Workplace

Working in the “Asteroid Mines”

At our asteroid mining spacecraft factory in Redmond, WA we build the most advanced spacecraft for our mission, and have the best team making it happen. Being a part of our team means you become a part of the family of Asteroid Miners – so take a peek at exactly what that is like.


Mason the Spaceman

Asteroid Miners

If you work at Planetary Resources, don’t be surprised if you learn things you haven’t imagined and accomplish things you’ve only dreamed of.

Spacecraft Factory

In mid-2014 Planetary Resources moved into our brand new asteroid mining spacecraft factory.  Here, we build spaceships, but also encourage you to be a maker!

Past, Present & Future

We’ve traveled an amazing path to get to this point and we’re on an exhilarating journey to the future.  If you join the Planetary Resources team, you will build the future of tomorrow, today, with us!

Open Positions
Position Title

Our mission is to expand Earth’s economy into the solar system through the rapid development of cost-effective robotic space exploration and prospecting technologies. Today we build near-term products for Low Earth Orbit that use technologies we will subsequently apply to mine Near Earth Asteroids for raw materials. We’re changing the economics of space travel, providing the foundation for permanent human activity in space.

Rigorous engineering, a novel business ecosystem, highly accomplished peers, and engagement in new human endeavors make working at Planetary Resources inspiring and rewarding.  Ping pong and pool tables, personal projects in the machine shop, office visits from astronauts and science fiction authors, and on-site grilling make the asteroid mine a fun place to work.

As IT & Systems Management Engineer, you will be responsible for planning, development, and support of Planetary Resources’ IT infrastructure along with desktop and server computers.

Duties include
    – Break/Fix PRI desktop, laptop, server, printer, and vtc equipment
– Monitor, triage, and resolve service and application problems
– Account administration
– Encourage and educate staff regarding IT and security best practices
– Automate and streamline repetitive and/or time-intensive infrastructure interactions
– Research, advocate, and implement new infrastructure technologies to support company growth
– Provide technical expertise and consulting on the topic of IT infrastructure as it relates to new company objectives
– Deployment cost estimation
– Hardware lifecycle and inventory management

Planetary Resources, the asteroid mining company, is looking for a few passionate and capable recent/upcoming graduates for early career engineering positions.

Applicants should expect a hands-on, intense, and dynamic work environment.  Previous work experience, research, and/or student (team) projects are strongly desired.  Planetary Resources provides a unique and intimate workplace where you will work alongside our experienced staff.  Early career engineers will have an immediate impact on product development and the fulfillment of primary company objectives. Join us in changing the way humans explore the Solar System!

As an RF communications engineer, you will be responsible for the engineering of space-to-space and space-to-ground communications through all phases of the product life cycle. You will create full communications architecture including radios and antennas, DSP and encoding development, and system design (frequency selection, link and data budgeting, etc.). Working with a small team of engineers, you will participate in the design, integration and test of innovative small spacecraft. Major emphasis is placed on building highly reliable systems that are low-cost and extremely mass and power-efficient.

As a member of our team, you will be empowered to apply your creativity and experience to the next generation of spacecraft communications, and have a direct impact on the development of our spacecraft.