Earth Intelligence

from Ceres.

Conceived from our vision for the exploration and utilization of resources from asteroids, Ceres is our advanced Earth observation system which delivers affordable, on-demand Earth intelligence of any spot on the planet.

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Delivering Earth Intelligence from Space

Over time, humans have developed technology to look deeper and more intelligently into the world around them – enabling us to leverage information beyond what the eye can see.

Ceres, an advanced Earth imaging business using Planetary Resources’ Arkyd 100 spacecraft, utilizes technology originally conceived as part of the company’s asteroid prospecting missions. In addition to using this technology to look deep into space, Planetary Resources will use Ceres to provide two distinct views of our planet as a powerful source of actionable, high-value, Earth intelligence.

Typical satellites only show what the eye can see, but Ceres uses infrared and hyperspectral imaging to see the unseen and obtain more data in every pixel.

Mid-Wave Infrared

  • Night-imaging capabilities
  • Temperature mapping
  • Water content measurement

Hyperspectral: Visible to Near Infrared

  • Spectral fingerprinting
  • Material identification
  • Crop identification

When deployed as a constellation with daily revisit rates anywhere on the planet, this advanced sensor platform becomes a powerful source of actionable, high-value, Earth intelligence.





The Ceres Constellation

The most capable, low-cost small satellites ever deployed into Earth orbit.

More Capabilities, Less Cost Using only 10 micro-satellites, the Ceres constellation provides weekly data for any location on Earth at a lower cost than legacy multispectral data.

Planetary Resources is deploying a constellation of Arkyd 100 spacecraft in low-Earth orbit to deliver valuable information-rich data to markets today. With just 10 satellites, the Ceres constellation provides weekly hyperspectral and mid-wave infrared data for any spot on Earth at a lower cost than existing multispectral data. Furthermore, leveraging its revolutionary on-board processing power, the Ceres constellation can also be programmed on-board to search for and identify specific materials or temperature signatures – a capability that does not exist from satellites or drones today. Our system is also highly-intelligent and customizable. Ceres can send complete hyperspectral data cubes if required or can return specifically requested wavelengths, temperatures, or even simplified algorithmic “answers” about a target.

In bringing new capabilities to the market Ceres features:

  • Twice-daily revisit rates, daytime and nighttime
  • Weekly monitoring service level agreements
  • 10m Hyperspectral and 15m Midwave Infrared resolution
  • Global coverage
  • Sensor re-configurability on-orbit

The Agriculture Industry


Access actionable, in-season, crop-specific intelligence of any acre on the planet.



Precision Agriculture

Reduce input costs, maximize yields and support sustainable practices with affordable, high-value crop intelligence designed specifically for increasingly digital global agriculture. Potential applications include:

  • Weekly decision support data throughout the growing season
  • Thermal crop scouting with automated problem detection
  • Relative soil moisture index
  • Crop and growth stage identification
  • Detailed crop-specific health indices and yield prediction inputs
  • Evapotranspiration reporting
  • Day/night soil and canopy temperature mapping

Crop Insurance

Enable field agents with automated space-based crop reporting to reduce operating costs and maximize profits, including:

  • Low-cost automated crop and growth stage identification by acre
  • Estimated planting dates
  • Weekly field health assessments
  • Claim confirmation support anywhere on the planet, with minimal delay after incident


The Oil & Gas Industry

Obtain low-cost exploration and monitoring capabilities anywhere in the world.




Reduce the cost of large area oil and gas exploration surveys with advanced infrared and hyperspectral
imagery offered at a fraction of the cost of airborne or ground surveys.

  • Infrared sensors offer advanced thermography capabilities day or night
  • Detailed surface temperature mapping and delta-temperature index
  • Thermal inertia measurements available anywhere on the planet
  • Hyperspectral system maps vegetative stress resulting from hydrocarbons

Pipeline Monitoring

Low-cost global monitoring of liquid pipelines reduces product losses, increases regulatory
compliance, and improves response times in the event of a leak, rupture, or encroachment.

  • Infrared sensors use day-night imaging pairs to map thermal inertia
  • Enables monitoring of above-ground and buried liquid pipelines
  • Change detection algorithms are applied to identify anomalies indicative of leaks
  • Hyperspectral sensors further confirm the leak via vegetation stressed by hydrocarbon activity
  • Thermal monitoring for encroachment by third parties
Other Key Market Verticals

Water Quality



Low-cost global monitoring of water resources to identify pollution sources, track toxic algae blooms and defend public health.

Pollution Monitoring and Toxic Algae Bloom Detection

  • Infrared sensors provide surface temperature mapping with a 12-hour revisit
  • Automated thermal anomaly detection helps identify pollution sources
  • Hyperspectral sensors identify spectral signatures of toxic algae blooms and harmful cyanobacteria
  • Enhanced water resource and drought condition modeling inputs

Financial Intelligence


Deliver insights on global trends and provide previously unavailable levels of intelligence for decision support.

Agricultural Commodity Insights

  • Global crop balance sheets
  • Global and regional crop health trends
  • Global relative soil moisture index

Global and Regional Energy Industry Insights

  • Factory on/off signals
  • Oil storage inventory inputs
  • Energy pipeline on/off signals




Advanced low-cost forest intelligence and fire-protection capabilities anywhere on the planet.

Forest Fire Early Detection

  • Day/night thermal imaging to identify and track forest fires
  • Temperature mapping capabilities enhance fire modeling
  • Hyperspectral sensors identify fuel sources in the fire path

Forest Asset Management

  • Species, growth stage, and harvest timing
  • Invasive species monitoring

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