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Verdict on asteroid mining: ‘No bull!’ Mining asteroids for water and precious metals may sound like a sci-fi boondoggle, especially the way Jon Stewart described it Wednesday night on "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central... ... Read more »
A Start-Up Sees a Gold Rush Among the Stars The job description and title, “Chief Asteroid Miner,” are not what you are likely to come across on a job-search Web site. Besides, the position is taken...... Read more »
Why asteroid mining is necessary Infographic: 911 Metallurgist explains why asteroid mining is needed: many metals that underpin our modern economy are quickly being depleted. Without any new technological advances, metals like zinc and gold are... Read more »
The Year’s Most Audacious Private Space Exploration Plans Asteroid mining is a staple of science-fiction, transplanting a familiar Earth-based activity to the new frontier of space. Many of the resources we dig up from underground on our planet were in fact laid down during... Read more »
How to Mine an Asteroid This year a group of aerospace veterans and investors—including Google's Larry Page, filmmaker James Cameron, and X-Prize Foundation founder Peter Diamandis—announced an audacious venture: a company, Planetary... Read more »

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