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About the Mission

We're launching a telescope into space for YOU to control! Take amazing photos of space OR have your photo taken flying over Earth.

Since the formation of Planetary Resources, our primary goal has been to build technology enabling us to prospect and mine asteroids. We've spent the last year making great leaps in the development of these technologies. These advancements have presented us with the opportunity to engage in another passion of our team: to make space exploration accessible to everyone.

Space has always been something that most people only dream about. Very few ever get the chance to experience space — to feel that overwhelming sense of awe described by astronauts. Our challenge and vision is this: how can we make that a reality?

Introducing: The ARKYD — [ahrk-kid]

The ARKYD is a technologically advanced, orbiting space telescope that will be controlled by YOU, the crowd, through your pledges and community involvement! You can even direct your telescope time to non-profit science centers and universities for use in your communities!

Just think about the true impact of this endeavor for a moment. Together we can put technology that costs tens of millions of dollars into the hands of students, scientists and a new generation of explorers, who will use it in ways we can’t even fathom yet!

At Planetary Resources, our primary focus is mining asteroids, and we’re pushing the boundaries of what is possible by vertically integrating and applying innovations from consumer-based industries. It’s our goal to reduce the cost of space observatories many times over, allowing anyone to access them for their own use. We want to empower the crowd to solve the big problems of our time — and this is the first step to making that a reality.

What Can I Do With the ARKYD?

1) Take a Photo of Yourself in Space!

At its core, the ARKYD is a space telescope. The large, main optic is designed to take high-resolution photos of objects in space. What truly sets it apart is that we’ve engineered the spacecraft with an external screen and a camera arm, allowing us to take pictures of the ARKYD as it orbits Earth.

Your photo (or graphic!) will be displayed on the satellite’s external screen overlooking Earth. We will then take a picture from our camera arm and send the image back to you. This is what we are calling a “Space Selfie”. Be the first of your friends to claim bragging rights on Facebook. Send a picture of your family to use on your next holiday card and be as creative as you want! All of the Space Selfies can be displayed on our community page online (if you want).

Seeing a picture of yourself or your loved ones above our planet can change our awareness of this fragile shell nourishing all life on Earth. There are no borders visible from space, and the “Space Selfie” can provide a small taste of the “Overview Effect” (The psychological phenomenon experienced by astronauts who spend time above the Earth and feel the imperative to protect our planet).

2) Use the telescope's main optic to take beautiful photos of space

Search for potentially dangerous asteroids or study distant galaxies like never before. Some photographic examples of the ARKYD's capabilities include: objects in our Solar System, such as Jupiter and its moons, and distant phenomena, such as the Crab Nebula. Don’t know what object in space you’d want to take a picture of? Check out Google Sky to view some of the images of space we, as a species, already have. Here are some other examples of observations that will be possible with the ARKYD’s main optic: (image right)

3) Use Your Telescope Time to Support Important Science Education

For us, an important part of this mission is educating the next generation. You can use your telescope time to allow students to learn about the cosmos, or help researchers conduct important scientific inquiry. We’ll also be working with a science center or museum to create a special educational curriculum AND an interactive, ARKYD-themed exhibit is also currently underway. We've long wanted to create an exciting, immersive educational experience that will help schools around the world take advantage of this new technology. Imagine being able to walk into an exhibit and actually control a space telescope as it travels above us at five miles per second!

Space Sciences and Engineering are two of the most challenging subjects to teach in primary education. Students rarely get to work on any real science, and are instead stuck with theory that is difficult for many to grasp. The ARKYD brings these subjects directly into the classroom, giving students hands-on experience with a space telescope. They will learn how it is launched and how it works. Even more, they will get to use it to make their own space observations.

Planetary Resources Announces ARKYD:
A Space Telescope for Everyone

Planetary Resources Kickstarter Community Event
with Star Trek's Brent Spiner (Lt. Cmdr Data)

What others are saying...

I think this is fantastic! Finally the step toward the future that we have been waiting for. I am an artist, not an engineer, but my father is a pilot and I've spent my whole life being inspired by aeronautics and space. I think what is possible is only

– Guy Merrill

Wow, I just learned about your company today, that sounds ridiculously awesome! I am currently graduating in a few weeks from UCLA with my PhD in experimental physics (lasers, plasma, particle acceleration). If I didn't already have a job, I would conside

– Dan Haberberger

Your ideas are revolutionary, and utterly fascinating.

– Bodie Johnson

This is nothing short of the best thing ever.

– Ethan Jennings

Coolest work of entrepreneurship I've ever seen. I look forward to the implications this will have in the future of space exploration.

– Aaron Dwyer

This might be the most important project since the Apollo Program.

– David Rottenfusser

Rock on!...on space rocks!

– William Roozen

This is the most awesome thing ever! We are living in the future!

– Martin Thomsen

Hope you like dogs and roasted peppers on the grill! For when I'm part of your team!

– Luisa Zambrano-Marin

This is sincerely the most 'outside the box' initiative I've ever seen. Something I've dreamed, but didn't think was going to be achieved while living. I do want to be technically part of this somehow.

– Rajiv Andrade

I'm proud of being alive at times like these... :-)

– Ricardo Kahn

Virgin Galactic and Planetary Resources are my idols as a Freshman pursuing Aerospace Engineering at Rutgers University.

– Brian Marks

Do you need any architects? I want to be a space architect.

– Todd Smith

I am tearfully joyous that this company now exists. I felt that a resource strapped humanity will always look inward and drive global conflict. Thanks to you, humanity has an outward looking hope.

– David Rothschild

As a boy, I dreamt about the stars (I still do). And as a man, I see space as, practically, our future. Any group that takes steps towards that future has my support.

– Francis LaBelle

Thank you for having the vision and courage to start this journey.

– Joseph Federer

Thank you for reviving the infectious optimistic spirit of exploration. I wish all of you and your exciting venture all the luck in the world (and beyond...)

– Peter Bjork

Having read about your endeavor in the NY Times, I had a lightning bolt realization of the possibilities there are in space. As an sophomore obtaining a BS in ECE at Rutgers U., I now dream of working for Planetary Resources. Thanks for the motivation!

– Taichi Hirao

Now I regret I quitted AE back in 2006 :-D Good luck to you !

– Etienne Duport

I fully support what your company stands for and hope others have the balls to follow in your footsteps.

– Joshua Grote

Asteroids : hope for humanity!

– David LE NORCY

Finally, some bold, practical, forward thinking progress.

– James Wottle

Amazing, inspiring, breathtaking... These words don't do justice to how incredible this venture is. You carry Humanity's future on your shoulders. Myself, and countless others I'm sure, will help in any way we can!

– Christopher Brooks

I love you guys. I love you guys so very, very much.

– Alois Romanowski

Looks like sci-fi movies are about to come true.

– Pavel Martynets

I am going to get a M.A and PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering at UC Irvine wait for me!


I'm going into my third year of college studying as an aerospace structural engineer. I've been in love with space exploration all my life, and I want to be an engineer for Starfleet! You guys are awesome, save a spot for me for once I get my degree!

– Robert Bertino

Well done guys i think you may have just started the next space race which is going to finally open up the space frontier. As Tsiolkovsky said "Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot remain in the cradle forever."

– Kevin Richards

We are an international non-profit organization, JULES VERNE ADVENTURES and specialized in educational outreach. To EXPLORE - PRESERVE AND INSPIRE. We would be interested in partnering with PLANETARY RESSOURCES. James Cameron knows us well.

– jean-christophe jeauffre

We have an imagination/creativity/vision created on the fundamentals of humanity where we feel that there is nothing which is out of our reach. We are humans.

– Nitish Aukhajan

This has to be the coolest thing I have seen actually happening. Pure Sci-fi gold! Good God, I want to be a part of this!

– Damon Palamarek

Wow, where to begin... Your team is the definition of inspiration. In my mind, the goals of PR need to be met and have to be achieved. I believe in your work so dearly that I'm changing my education objectives in hopes of one day offering my own skills in

– Jordan Rosales

This is the kind of bleeding edge technological progress that will inspire and galvanize humanity.

– Matt Mooney

At last! Someone who has some balls! Bless you all. Lets do this! Lets take our rightful place in the universe NOW.

– Tim Symons

The three E's. exploration, education & entertainment. at every stage of this journey using the 3E's, there will be thousands of ways to advertise who and what you are, but at the same time to excite & inspire more and more people (both young & older) to

– Robert Tindale

You guys are awesome! Thanks for proving that America isn't just going to sit back and let the rest of the world have all the fun!

– Seth Burke

I love you crazy bastards. Takes one to know one, I suppose.

– Morgan Ellis

Make me dream again !!

– NicolasfrN Cuvillier

Here be dragons. Here be dreams.

– Chase Dickerson

Do you guys have a tv show? I would watch it like all these other exploration shows!!!

– Joey Morris

I am impressed by the vision and the chutzpah of the company. I hope one day to be able to contribute to your success.

– Daniel Faber

I am really excited about this company, its mission, and to see where it goes. Our country and planet really need this. And if anyone can pull this off, it's you guys! Don't ever let the naysayers get you down.

– Christopher Puck

Please be aware that the whole Moon surface was claimed by Mr. Hope back in 1980.

– Alex Povolotski

I am Assist. Prof. at Mining Eng. Dep. at the University of Utah. My research interests are in the fields of extraterrestrial and deep sea mining, automation… I think your idea is fantastic and I would like to join and help your team as much as possible

– Ilija Miskovic

Way to go! Wish you complete success. Finally somebody stepped up besides Jeff and Elon.

– Jose Alvarez

My team is composed of nerds that are passionate about business analytics and data visualization, with experience in the mining industry. We are intrigued and would love to partner.

– Eric Vallo

Thank you for giving our generation a reason to aim at the stars.

– Justin Baumgardner

I am ecstatic to see what you are doing, watching the livestream on April 24th made me giddy with excitement. The future will mark April 24th as the start of the space boom. I wish you huge success and one day hope to work with you to achieve your goal.

– Kevin McLaughlin

I love you all. So much. Thank you for inspiring me to go back to school.

– Malcolm Leehan

You guys are on my level.

– Mike Esperson

I was interested in moon mining until I watched your webcast...fascinating stuff! I will definitely be following you guys, keep up the great work!

– Brandon Taylor

I love what you are doing - your vision, your plan, your understanding of the nitty gritty required, but most of all, your ambition. I cannot move to Seattle, but I would love to be a part of your venture!

– Anita Carey

It is extremely difficult to even fathom the amount of potential for future success (interstellar domination) PR has. Sign me up!

– Peter Schulz

This is the Best News in years. I can not express enough on how much this company goals and objectives really means to me. Exploring Space and mining the asteroids would be a dream come true...

– Steven Dunn

I was born in the the 1st years of the space race. would like to have a part in the next step

– Richard York

Finally, someone's serious about getting into space permanently. The end of the beginning is here. How can I help?

– Bill White

Are there any plans to involve children world wide in your plans, websites or apps explaining what you are doing? Maybe a Young Planetary Resources club or something. I would like to be involved in inspiring young (and old) minds on planetary commercia

– Alistair Carter

It's about damn time someone did this.

– Glenn Gibeson

Planetary Resources looks like an amazing program with the team to back it up. I would wager that the goals of this project maybe the most bold undertaking of all time.

– Nick Hume

I've been following commercial space since the 90's, and I think this is the most exciting thing to come along, yet!

– John Ahrens

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do

– Kelly Lipprand

There is very little i can say about this - only that i am astonished to have the opportunity to witness this during my lifetime. Please dont give up no matter how difficult it might look. Humanity needs this !

– Kiss Stefan

I'm 24 years old, and the formation of this company has me hungry for everything space. Thank you for opening my eyes to the big black ocean right above me. I will be waiting very impatiently for every update. Thank you again and never give up!

– Andrew Marshall

I work in the film industry in Canada as a story consultant and screenwriter - with a fascination in the growing convergence of science fiction & science. This project is up there in the "wow" factor in terms of that convergence. Congrats & god speed.

– Shawn Whitney

Companies like yours are the reason I am excited to be alive during this period of human history.

– Stephen Young

Even being a small part of this venture would be a privilege. I have been waiting for an organization with enough resources to make the leap. True exploration, discovery and progress is accomplished best by commercial organizations, not governments.

– Michael Aguire

A good feeling about this I have !

– Thibault Vaures

Hi, when I first heard of your enterprise I pored myself a drink and raised the glass to you all, all my life I have dreamed of what you plan to put into action. I am getting old now and will probley not live long enough too see the fulfillment of your dr

– Ian Welsby

My 9 year old has wanted to be an asteroid miner for 2 years now. Looks like he may get a chance to be one. AWESOME!!!

– John Sprouse

Very refreshing to hear about a company looking forward in leaps, rather then baby steps.

– Dave Taub

I work for Industrial Minerals and have specialised in critical minerals such as rare Earths, lithium and graphite for the past 6 years. I would be more than happy to advise your company on these minerals, where and how they are mined, the challenges... a

– Simon Moores

just a word. Whoa

– Georges Temime

Just amazed...I felt like an awestruck little kid reading the site. I love the vision involved.

– Jake Boswell

This is what humanity has been already delaying too much, thank you initiating our future. Imagination at Work, that is absolutely this.

– neva narli

I love that you are doing this, there is no limit to what can be achieved when humans are allowed to be awesome :) Exploring space was my first motivation when I started my studies at university. My initial career plan was to become a psychologist, becaus

– Elisabeth Bornich

You guys are the best hope we have for getting off this rock and out to the stars. I believe humanity has a chance if you succeed. If you need someone to fetch coffee or help somehow let me know!

– Eric Solomon

Hello! I am only at the age of 13, and I just wanted to say congrats! We haven't seen anybody take a step into space as big as yours in years. I've been quite fascinated in stars, and have been wondering when will we ever be up there? The possibilities ar

– Lucas Solano

Congrats! Finally humanity will learn to look up again instead to eachother! You are an inspiration for the next generation

– Erik Hooymans

You guys are incredible! I applaud you for courage, vision and audacity. The next step in humanity's evolution has it's beginning with you guys!

– Thomas Minelga

I have spent to last 6 years trying to figure out how to start my own space mining company. I just graduated from U. of Arizona with B.S. Mining Engineering, interned with NASA Space Grant, and currently work for Freeport-McMoRan. This is my dream as we

– Max Justice

I'm a graduate student at CalPoly, SLO. We have a curriculum that focuses on spacecraft mission design, GNC, systems optimization, space environment, optimal orbit trajectories, programming, and analysis. Are you available to come speak to us?

– Eliot Hariton

I've envisioned this ever since I knew basic math as a child! A dream truly come true for the benefit of all of humanity.

– Colin Johnson

Thanks for giving me something to look forward to in life and a plan to follow. Hopefully when i get a nice degree in 8 or so years i can get have a career here. Talk to me if you want to invest in future engineers haha.

– John Calligan

I got a comment for you guys. Wow! Just reading about the work and dedication your putting this into intrigues me to learn more, grow, and develop any necessary skills needed to be apart of this! Haha. Unlikely but, hoping to read more about your achievem

– Jorden Beardy

Thank you for giving kids and people everywhere dreams worth living for

– Sean Dill

Hey all, I'm a huge fan of what you are attempting. I own a software company in Kirkland WA so I'm close by. Any chance I could take you guys to El Gaucho for lunch sometime?

– Jonathan Mavor

I'm going to get better at math, and then I'm gonna come pound your doors down. I've been waiting for a company like you, you guys just get it. I'd sacrifice the romantic happiness of the rest of my life to do what you guys are doing. You'll be hearing fr

– Daniel Mount

This has to be one of the most interesting projects I've heard of since the Phoenix rover discovered it snowed on Mars... I can't wait to hear more about what you guys are up to!

– Musa Gershuny

This sounds absolutely incredible! I hope you'll need people in atmospheric and environmental sciences in the future, because I'd love to be involved with this! Thank you for capturing my imagination in a totally different way, I love that the dreamers

– Alyssa Mathews

Put me in coach!

– john huckins

I'm a clinical social worker who believes that spaced based business models will need mental health professionals in order to sustain the mental clarity of their employees as new territories are explored, and unique stressors are experienced.

– Michael Ross

Planetary Resources is one of the most wondrous endeavors of my lifetime. I will be submitting an application for employment and hope dearly to be able to join the team.

– Scott Otterbacher

Wrote Masters thesis at UW in '79 about planetary resource development. Stirred me like a bugle then. Still does. You folks will someday need sales guys. That'd be me.

– Brian Hopewell

The founding of this company is perhaps the most exciting news I have heard since somone first told me that, ya, see that giant gray rock floating in the sky? We went there.

– Tyler Habowski

As a kid I would lay on the ground at night and dream of how I could use magnets to catch the astroids. As an adult, I'd like to use science and acquired common sense to see this dream become a reality.

– Mark Deckers

You guys put the fire back in my belly.

– Paul Chase

You are doing a wonderful thing by pushing humanity's boundaries beyond Earth and into the realm of space exploration. I am proud to share a planet with you.

– Leo Behe

Heroes! All of you are my heroes!! Keep doing what you're doing!

– John Cramer

This company is the most exciting thing in space in technology I've seen in my lifetime. Expect my application soon!

– Scott Neheli

I think I can stop dreaming and get back to work now! Good luck fellas!

– Nikhil Mehta

Grew up with O'Neill and his crew's ideas. Thought those days were gone. I want to play again.

– Davis Schmieden

You guys have made me feel like humanity has started to truly move forward again.

– Connor Nally

Shut up and take my money! Where the heck to I invest or support this wonderful project?

– Fabian Ã…hrberg

A science teacher wanting to get kids interested in science through space exploration, cheering from the sidelines!

– Jojo Grundy

I'd like to invite Planetary Resources to give an online colloquium to NASA's Future In-Space Operations (FISO) working group. With a 1-hour commitment, you'd reach 25-50 NASA and aerospace specialists. Andrea Schweitzer, Ph.D. and project manager

– Andrea Schweitzer

rock & roll !! How a private person could participate ? I haven't special skills but i'd like to do something !

– christophe cottier

Challenge accepted. I expect great things.

– Michael Kaiser

I found out about this group and it has made my day. Thank you for living out dreams.

– Nadia Ifland

Sounds like an excellent plan, truly the future in the making!

– Henry Musson

This is an amazing undertaking, something I thought I wouldn't see in my lifetime. This endeavor is something I could dedicate my life to.

– Pete Zushin

Just seen the live vidcast, seems that so much of my ambitions about what I want to do in the future have been validated. So for the moment I will continue with my studies to make sure I can find something to add to this venture.

– Benjamin Mottram

I'm so excited by this. I never thought we'd get here!

– Mark Serbian

Thrilled by your efforts. Go get 'em!

– Rick Wilson

I've been dreaming of this for years. I know this is going to be the next greatest adventure for mankind.

– Paul Henderson

I sincerely hope you are the spark that ignites youth, the workforce and the country to look outward and beyond!!!

– Arthur "Frank" Cooper

you are bringing the future now. i want to be part of that future

– Emmanuel Zamora

This can be a defining moment in humanity. Please make it work!

Finally a bold vision for a space endeavour that will be the Apollo of my generation.

– Derek Auerman

My comment pretty much comes down to this:

– Oskar Stokholm Østergaard

Thank you! We need someone to lead the way.

– John Reeves

This is the future, I need to be part of this. I am smart, able, fit, and articulate scientist. I have read science fiction all my life and as a biologist I see this is the only way to preserve the planet and it makes financial sense as well. Let's go!

– Marc Albrecht

Make sure that the future of space is metric, over 90% of the human population use the metric system, it wold be a shame the the future were to contain the imperial system.

– Aaron Bloom

I personally think that the founding of Planetary Resources is the biggest step for the human species since we put a man on the Moon. I am a scientist and I would love to be a part of it.

– Tibor Durgonics

Any company that wishes to revolutionize space exploration, is a company of great importance. I hope you do well!

– James Lumley

I think it was at the moment I heard what you were planning to do that I knew I lived in the future. Rock on, Space Cowboys!

– Andrew Wilson

I would wish to participate. I have always dreamed of the day when people would realize what resources are out beyond the sphere we call Earth.

– Joel Norton

This is the kinda innovation that makes my brain gears turn!

– Marcus King

Great undertaking! We need to dream bigger dreams.

– James Benford

As a child I remember a vivid dream about mining materials in our Solar System for the purpose of building ships in space for various things. I hope that this company can succeed, and wish I could be part of that common dream!

– Marshall Jordan

I've long thought that mankind's destiny is in the stars. With our ever increasing consumption of finite Earthbound resources, we'll need a new supply. The sooner the better. It looks like you guys are taking steps in the right direction.

– Matt Cushman

Thank you for finally reopening the door to our last frontier. Is there anywhere I, as a software engineer, can help?

– Fei Li

I am an Astronomer at UCO/Lick who studies asteroids and meteors. I would be interested in joining this venture professionally.

– Bryant Grigsby

We have been developing planetary mining, drilling, and excavation systems for over 20 years and I have over 100 publications on that topic, over 50 R&D NASA projects, PhD in extraterrestrial drilling, and 2 years mining experience from South Africa.

– Kris Zacny

Space, did you say mining in space? I'm in...ALL IN

– Leif Summerfield

Eltron Research & Development is has been developing a technology for extraction of oxygen from lunar ilmenite. Eltron is a small R&D company in Boulder Colorado. We'd love to give you more information on our technology. Thank you, Alana

– Alana Rolfe

I am glad to see someone finally taking the first step of turning the future from boring into science fiction

– Devin Wilson

At last, opportunities for planetary geologists . . . .

– Greg Samways

What's Up? You've given "Reach For The Sky" a new meaning :)

– Roy Quijano

Thank you for pushing us forward again... we massively needed it... be well.

– Ben Munkres

I did a lot of work on Near-Earth asteroid missions in the 1980s at JPL and would be delighted to help.

– Neal Hulkower

When I was a kid I thought I could fit the moon through my front I want to wrap myself into the fold of the universe and make our mark as true explorers of the vast unknown

– Robert Potozniak

I am a Planetary Mineralogist with over 10 years of experience working on asteroidal samples (chondritic meteorites). I am interested in joining your venture as a scientist and researcher.

– Neyda Abreu

I'm excited that my daughter will grow up in a world that is doing big things. I'm an Aerospace Engineer, resume in hand!

– Jon Leonard

Someone had to take the first step. Many thanks because of it.

– Elliott Neece

Looking forward to my new position managing a space resource station!!

– Greg Jonah

Graduate research/Master's Report at the University of Arizona (1994) on the ISRU for NEA's. Advisors were Dr K.N. Ramohalli and Dr. J. Lewis. The research showed that the misson was feasible thru a FoM analysis.

– Gordon Ingmire

This is the most exciting venture I've ever heard of - finally someone looking to open up a new frontier!

– Andy Campbell

This is the best venture man has undertaken since we put a man on the moon. Finally man is stepping forth again.

– Johnny Costello

The only dream I ever remember having was in 1969, I was 7, it was flying bulldozers. As I got older and the space age ramped up I began to understand my dream. I want to be a part of your company.

– Brad Martin

About time! For years I've wondered when off-Earth resources would begin to be harvested. Reading about your startup, I found myself smiling. As an engineering student and space enthusiast I've often considered the prospects of such a venture. Godspeed!

– Pat Brown

Whether I hear back from you or not, thanks for dreaming big and being willing to take a chance and make it happen! Too few are willing to do so these days.

– Christopher Humphries

I'm a "Space Nut" with 20+ years experience in Process Control Systems. Instrumentation, Electrical, DCS, etc. I'm a free thinker with a wild imagination. I would love to be involved in this venture.

– William Jackson

This endeavor is exactly what the world needs, and you are the people that bring humanity forward!

– Andreas Klintberg

This is one of the most humbling and great things I have read about recently. We are so small in this universe and I wish more people would see the need to plan for humanity's future the way you guys do! I want to help!

– Tyler McCabe

V.interested in working with you. Am currently working for ESA and have experience in Avionics systems, communications (including optical), AOCS, data-handling, Mars Express and much more. Would like to get in contact with you!

– Giuseppe Mandorlo

It's about time...ex coelestis, scientia

– Moriba Jah

Absolutely visionary stuff.

– Nayen Pankhania

Finally! Progress towards our starfaring dreams!

– Brandon Reese

i want my children to follow this

– kevin farrell

In some way or form, I will help this succeed. Best of luck.

– Brent Bowles

What took ya' so long?

– Andrew Jones

I can barely contain myself for this project! Asteroid mining is my long-standing science dream. It inspired me to pursue physics, and that drove me to space propulsion research at UW. I would love to contribute. Please reply if it's a possibility. Thanks

– Craig Foulds

Will code for space rocks

– Garrett Heaver

What you're endeavouring to do is a moral imperative and "Real Genius" (like getting even with Jerry Hathaway). I salute you!

– Jason Bleers

Have two articles presented at AIAA meetings on asteroid mining with detailed outline of the equipment. Happy to send them to you.

– Ken Erickson, M.D., Ph.D.

I'm just thinking that boy my last job wasn't much fun! Sending robot prospectors to the asteroids sounds much better. I'm sure you'll have problems I'd be great at solving! ( .

– John Galloway

Rock and Roll!

– Patrick Magee

I'm a software engineer and am willing to relocate off-world (permanently, if need be). Where can I send my resume?

– William Wagner

This is literally a dream come true. Clearly the most logical step towards getting mankind access to the immense resources available off-Earth

– Daniel Jaeger

I look up at night sky with my daughter, and I tell her how we *used* to go to the moon. That's just not right - we're supposed to be always looking outward, not retreating inward. I'm so glad you are tackling this challenge!

– Damir Wallener

This is awesome. As a student of engineering, I can only hope that this plan succeeds within my viable lifetime.

– Randy Song

What you are doing is incredible! You are making the future happen. Projects and ideas like this are the reason I am studying aerospace engineering. If you ever need a token Australian intern, I'm there!

– Michael Kretzenbacher

I think this is the most exciting thing since SpaceShipOne captured the X-Prize. The time has finally come for the Privateers to take the lead.

– Grant Turpin

Hydroponic and aeroponic systems specialist (consultant, product developer) interested in designing food production facilities for off planet mining operations.

– Jesse James

Dreaming about the possibilies! Keep the good work people, humanity just got one step up.

– Marcos Faria Arruda