We’re on to something.

We’ve attracted investors because they believe that if it’s possible, we’ll make it happen. We’re attracting talent because they believe in our vision; they’re driven by overcoming challenges and are still fascinated by the night sky. We’re focused, determined, but most of all. . .we believe in ourselves.

It’s about people, and our team members have landed spacecraft on Mars, started new industries, and financed some of the most unique and exciting companies of our time.

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Eric Anderson

Co-Founder, Co-Chairman

Mr. Anderson is an entrepreneur and aerospace engineer who has pioneered the creation of the commercial human spaceflight industry since its inception. He is involved in a portfolio of innovative technology and spaceflight companies, including Intentional Software Corporation, Space Adventures, Ltd., and Planetary Power, Inc.

Peter H. Diamandis, M.D.

Co-Founder, Co-Chairman

Dr. Diamandis is an international pioneer in the commercial space arena, having founded and run many of the leading entrepreneurial companies in the sector. He is Chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, best known for its $10 million Ansari X PRIZE for private spaceflight. He is also the Executive Chairman of Singularity University based in Silicon Valley.


Chris Lewicki

President and Chief Engineer

Mr. Lewicki has been intimately involved with the lifecycle of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers and the Phoenix Mars Lander.

Chris Voorhees

Vice President, Spacecraft Development

Mr. Voorhees has played an integral role in both the Mars Exploration Rover and Mars Science Laboratory projects.

Peter Marquez

Vice President, Global Engagement

Mr. Marquez served as the space policy advisor to two Presidents and has an extensive background in civil and national security space activities of the U.S.


James Cameron

Film director, producer, editor, screenwriter, environmentalist, explorer

Mr. Cameron is as committed to the exploration of space as he is to the exploration and conservation of the oceans.

Thomas D.  Jones, Ph.D.

Scientist, author, pilot, and veteran NASA astronaut

“Asteroids are natural stepping stones to future exploration and a sustained human presence in space.”

General T. Michael Moseley (Ret.)

Chairman, Gulf Alliance Company

General Moseley is a former Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force and member of the Joint Chiefs.

Sara Seager, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics and Planetary Science at MIT

Dr. Seager has focused on the search for planets like Earth.

Mark V. Sykes, Ph.D., J.D.

CEO, Planetary Science Institute

Dr. Sykes is a Co-Investigator on the NASA Dawn mission to Vesta and Ceres and is Chair of the  NASA Small Bodies Assessment Group.

David Vaskevitch

Former CTO, Microsoft

“We all need exciting goals, hard problems to focus on, and great people to work with. Planetary Resources, in the most amazing way, is about all three.”

John K. Villa

Partner, Williams & Connolly LLP

“Who hasn’t looked into the night sky and wanted to travel out from Earth.  It is a privilege to be a part of this enterprise that is devoted to doing so.”

Henry R. Hertzfeld

Professor of Space Policy and International Affairs, Space Policy Institute, George Washington University

Prof. Hertzfeld is an expert on legal and economic issues of space and teaches Space Law at GW.


Eric E. Schmidt, Ph.D.

“The pursuit of resources drove the discovery of America and opened the west.  The same drivers still hold true for opening the space frontier.  I’m involved with Planetary Resources Corporation because expanding the resource base for humanity is important for our future.”

K. Ram Shriram

“I see the same potential in Planetary Resources as I did in the early days of Google.”

Charles Simonyi, Ph.D.

“The commercialization of space began with communications satellites and is developing for human spaceflight.  The next logical step is to begin the innovative development of resources from space.  I’m proud to be part of this effort.”

Larry Page

“Planetary Resources is definitely a great example of ‘Having a healthy disregard for the impossible.’ ”


Ross Perot, Jr.

“I am an investor in Planetary Resources, first and foremost, because I believe in the team behind it. I’m honored to be on the ground floor with a team that possesses this caliber of expertise, vision, drive and history of success.”

Richard Branson

“I’m excited to be part of the Planetary Resources’ team working on extracting precious minerals from near-Earth asteroids. The only way to truly explore our Solar System is to develop the technology and means to sustain our presence in space without depleting resources of Earth.”


Additional investors include:

    Robert Hariri, MD, Executive Chairman, Celegene Therapeutics; Rena Shulsky David, president and CEO of Shire Realty; Raymie Stata, entrepreneur and former Chief Technology Officer of Yahoo! and Kimberly Sweidy; John C. Whitehead, former Chair and CEO of Goldman Sachs and 9th U.S. Deputy Secretary of State; & Bryan Johnson, entrepreneur, investor and founder of Braintree.