June 21, 2012

Join our ARKYD Kickstarter as a Backer!

Ever since our big asteroid mining announcement on April 24th, and the killer Jon Stewart coverage(!), we have been overwhelmed at the response from people begging to know how they can get involved.

Well, today’s the day. I recorded this video to give you an idea of how you can help drive this mission forward:

With continuing NASA budget cuts, it seems like the development of the space frontier is more and more in the hands of everyday citizens.

Our first major milestone at Planetary Resources is to build and launch our first asteroid-finding Space Telescope (the Arkyd-100) and do that FAST! 

To offer you a chance to actually get involved, we’ve been tossing around the idea of adding additional capacity in our production run, and either offering you access to a portion of our of our orbiting spacecraft – or – if there’s enough demand, actually build you an additional Space Telescope for your own use.

We’d probably do this thru a Kickstarter campaign, but we ONLY if there’s enough interest…

So would you support this?  Do you want the option to take your own pictures from space (of the Earth or the Planets)?

Here’s a couple of ideas we’ve had for what people would get for various pledge levels:

  • $100 for a chance to direct the Arkyd-100 Space Telescope and take a high-resolution photograph of anywhere on Earth that you choose (except the Googleplex 🙂 )… or, some other celestial body. Current space telescopes charge more than $10,000 for a directed photo of that resolution!
  • A desktop scale model of the Arkyd-100 Space Telescope
  • A half-day at the controls of a satellite, allowing you to take up to approximately 50 photos from space.
  • An exclusive invitation to the Planetary Resources Launch Party – with the whole Arkyd Team and potentially some of the Planetary Resources board members.

But we know that you have some great ideas, and we want to hear them! If you have an idea for something that you would like to get from this mission, just leave a comment in the box below

Plus, if you see someone else’s idea that you agree with, make sure you “like” up their post.

Get your creative juices flowing – it’s time to go to space and start finding Asteroids!

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment below!

– Peter

*UPDATE: The Kickstarter funding period is now closed, but please sign up for our newsletter here to get updates on future ways YOU can be involved in the ARKYD mission! Sign up HERE