July 5, 2012

The Arkyd name (origin) and YOU

Awesome input on what you’d want to see if we end up doing a Kickstarter Campaign. We got 173 brand-new ideas and a ton of votes on the best ones.

In general the idea of our manufacturing an extra Arkyd-100 Space Telescope for you, our community, and building, launching and operating it for you through a Kickstarter campaign got two thumbs up!

One of the questions we offered to answer in an earlier blog post was the origin of the “Arkyd” name. We’ll do that in a moment, but first we have a question for you…

Would you tell us about yourself, your interest in space, and the reasons for your excitement for asteroid mining by replying in the blog comments section below?

Some of you might have participated in the 2000+ job application submissions we received, but we also know our on-line submission form was A LOT of work (have you looked at it? There were a ton of questions)… We’re nearly finished going through all of them, and if you haven’t heard from us, you should soon. So, telling us about yourself and your interests in space and asteroids on this blog is a bit easier.

We’re not sure *exactly* how we’re going to be involving our community in large numbers, but we are actively thinking about it. And, if you’re even half as passionate about space as we are at Planetary then it’s worth generating ideas and figure out how.

Okay, so now, let us share with you the fun origin story of the Arkyd-100 name.

About 3 years ago after we (Eric and Peter) founded the company, we were looking for a code name for Planetary Resources (while we were keeping in super stealth mode). Chris Lewicki, our President and Chief Engineer (along with Joe Landon) brainstormed dozens of name and ultimately proposed the name Arkyd Astronautics, a derivative of the name Arakyd Industries from the Star Wars universe.

According to Chris, “Arakyd Industries was originally a supplier of exploration droids, its most noteworthy achievement being the Viper probe droid model, which the Empire used to locate the Echo Base on the planet Hoth in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. The Viper model was based on the success of Galalloy Industries early probe droids – the first true probe droids to search planets and asteroids for valuable resources, such as metals to fuel the processing plants of industry.”

For Planetary Resources’ stealth use, “Arakyd Industries” became “Arkyd Astronautics.” It’s worth noting that by the time the Droids showed up in Star Wars, they had been militarized (under the direct supervision of Darth Vader). Is that geeky enough for you guys?

Anyway, PLEASE Tell us about yourselves (in the comments below)! Who are you? What can you bring to opening the space frontier and mining the skies? Why are you passionate about what we are doing?


-Peter & Eric