August 21, 2012

MIT Researcher Plans to Use Arkyd-100 to find Alien Planets

I’ve asked you before: what would you do if you had access to our Arkyd-100 space telescopes?

Dr. Vlada Stamenkovic, a post-doctoral researcher at MIT who works on exoplanets – distant alien worlds beyond our solar system – has a great answer in this video:

It’s inspiring to think that the Arkyd can help researchers like Vlada discover Earth-like planets, and perhaps, someday, even life out there among the stars.

We’re excited to see such enthusiasm around our projects.

Here’s my request for you – join in Vlada’s enthusiasm, and record a 90-second video on how you’d like to use the Arkyd-100.  You can create a video response to the YouTube video, or share the link with us in the comments below.

Tell us the WHAT and the WHY.  The videos getting the most likes will drive elements of our Kickstarter Campaign and get posted to the PRI website.

Onward to the stars!