June 5, 2013

Updates, Celebrities and Cool Prizes for You

The show of support for our ARKYD Kickstarter has been nothing short of incredible! We’re 74% funded just 7 days into our campaign.

One great show of support came from Brent Spiner (who played one of our favorite androids of all time, Lieutenant Commander Data in Star Trek: TNG)

Brent pledged $5,000 to become an Education Ambassador for his son’s school. This gives them observation time at the controls of the telescope, space selfies, a scale model, and a complete spaceflight curriculum to teach science and engineering with a hands-on approach.

In his own words, Brent shares why he feels the ARKYD is worth supporting:

ARKYD is changing the way we interact with space.

We want to know what space means to YOU! If you can share it in a great photo or video, it could mean a Zero-G Flight ticket, dinner with our founders and other great prizes!

You can get the full details of the contest on our Facebook page. Just hit the Like button to get all the information you need.

So get your cameras out and post your entry on the Planetary Resources Facebook page.

– Chris