October 8, 2013

College students – intern at Planetary Resources this spring!

While the US government may be shut down, your private space exploration program is still in full swing!

We’ve had dozens of students through the Planetary Resources asteroids mines, and we are once again looking for talented, passionate students with project experience and a desire to expand humanity’s presence into the Solar System.

This your chance to join our team onsite in the Seattle area for a paid cooperative education position and get hands on experience working with our team. Several of our former interns have gone on to join our team full time.

PRI provides a unique and intimate work environment where you can make an immediate and direct impact on product development and the fulfillment of important company objectives. You will not run for coffee or make copies (unless you need those yourself).

If you’re wondering if you’re right for us, if we’re right for you, or how to improve your odds, check my earlier blog post on How to Be an Asteroid Miner.

Please apply to one of  the co-op positions on our website, and join us in changing the way we explore the Solar System!

PS – We’d like to congratulate asteroid fan, and XKCD comic Randall Munroe on receiving the honor of his own mainbelt asteroid, 4942 Munroe.

-Chris Lewicki @interplanetary
President & Chief Asteroid Miner, Planetary Resources, Inc.