March 4, 2014

Growing the Planetary Resources family: Meet Caitlin O’Keefe

Asteroid Mining is an audacious mission.  It takes a team with great passion and skill to execute.

Since founding Planetary Resources we have built such a team.  But I often quote Sun co-founder Bill Joy that “No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.”

That’s why our success depends on a second mission: Involving YOU, the tens of thousands of scientists, educators, artists, students and enthusiasts who have asked to get involved in a meaningful way.  And as a first step, we launched the ARKYD Kickstarter last summer and partnered with NASA to crowdsource asteroid detection last fall.

Now we’re delighted to have brought on another rockstar team member to help accelerate the accomplishment of great things with you, our Planetary Resources community.

Meet Caitlin O’Keefe. Our new Community Foreman. Her expertise will lend itself to exactly why she is here: to tell the story of ARKYD, engage YOU in Citizen Science and in becoming part of our ARKYD community and direct all marketing related activities. Caitlin will make sure everyone is fully informed, that STEM programs are progressing, and that new initiatives bring the future closer that much sooner.

In talking to Caitlin about her first impressions of coming to Planetary Resources, she had some thoughtful insights on her first days, and questions she wanted to answer for herself, and for the community. Caitlin will explore these insights for you in a series of upcoming updates.

Please see the intro from Caitlin below, and welcome her to the team.  What questions would you like Caitlin to explore? Let us know in the comments!

-Chris Lewicki, President and Chief Engineer

Planetary Resources

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