June 6, 2014

The Trillion Dollar Market: Fuel in Space from Asteroids

Have you ever wondered why the space economy hasn’t grown with Moore’s Law like high-tech industries on Earth?

Well in space one resource above all others is extraordinarily expensive and without cheap access to it, growth is limited…FUEL.  The catalyst for rapid expansion into every frontier in history has been access to cheap, local resources.  And in space, access to rocket fuel is currently neither cheap, nor local.

But on asteroids, abundant quantities of hydrogen and oxygen can be used to create rocket fuel, the same stuff used by the Space Shuttle. This allows companies like Vivisat fuel spacetugs that will be used to keep satellites in their Geostationary slots, or fuel up your spacecraft before zooming off to Mars. The possibilities are endless!

Learn about the possibilities of this booming new space economy in our new video about the Market for Fuel in Space…

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