Meet the Asteroid Miners

Planetary Resources is led by entrepreneurs in the commercial space industry and former NASA engineers. We are advised by space, technology, business, finance, and policy experts, have partnerships with innovative companies, and are financially backed by recognized global visionaries. The company currently has locations in the United States and Luxembourg with over 70 employees and growing.

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Develops new in-space and ground products spanning core electrical engineering, in-space high performance computing, spacecraft power systems, communications hardware, firmware, and related cross-cutting functions.


Leads development of revenue opportunities and partnerships with innovative companies.

Business Development

Manages corporate finance, accounting, recruiting, HR, and planning functions of the company.

Business Operations

Focuses on engaging with the traditional mining industry and helping them solve some of the toughest problems on the planet.

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Provides scientific context for business and technical decisions, oversees internal research and development in planetary science, and directs the team's efforts in mission design, science operations, and data analysis.

Data & Science

Works with the U.S. and Luxembourg governments and the international community on domestic and global opportunities that will assist the company in achieving its long-term mission.

Global Engagement

Focuses on the conceptualization, design, hardware procurement, assembly, test, integration, and operation of space instrumentation.


Leads internal R&D development and global technical infrastructure.

IT & Infrastructure

Crafts compelling content and media across the sales, communications, and brand activities for the company.

Marketing & Communications

Designs, develops and configures the structure and thermal subsystem for the company’s spacecraft.


Creates the full stack of spacecraft software, from the lowest level real-time firmware to high-level autonomy, and from ground station communications to high-fidelity simulations and data visualization.


Conceives, plans, and implements robotic spacecraft prospecting mission scenarios, including launch window evaluation, interplanetary trajectory development, and maneuver design.


“We have a long track record of making large-scale space ventures real.”

Peter H. Diamandis, M.D.
Planetary Resources, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman


"Exploration of the Solar System depends on the utilization of resources found on asteroids and I am excited to lend my expertise and passion to their worthy mission.”

Dante Lauretta, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator of OSIRIS-REx


“Planetary Resources’ mission is ambitious, but they’ve assembled a world-class team to succeed.”

Riley Bechtel
Bechtel Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


“The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg becoming a shareholder in Planetary Resources seals our partnership and lays the ground of the principles of our cooperation in the years to come, while demonstrating the Government’s strong commitment to support the national space sector by attracting innovative activities in space resource utilization and other related areas."

Étienne Schneider
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Government of Luxembourg


“I’m excited to be part of the Planetary Resources’ team working on extracting precious minerals from near-Earth asteroids. The only way to truly explore our Solar System is to develop the technology and means to sustain our presence in space without depleting resources of Earth.”

Sir Richard Branson
Founder of Virgin Group

Founding Investors