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Consulting Team

Mining Innovation: In Space, In Pit, and Underground

Deep space, deep sea, or deep underground, the goal of our industry is the same: provide humanity the resources it needs to continue its development. Where you use them and how you get them are just the details.

Our unique operating environment has required us to push today’s technology to the limit — full automation, advanced sensor packages, zero-maintenance hardware, and real-time decision making is absolutely necessary in space.​ We are focused on bringing our tools to the industry here on Earth to improve operations, safety, and environmental impact.

Blending Science & Strategy

We rely on engineers, scientists, fabricators, operators, and strategists to develop creative and surprising solutions on a daily basis. Our custom in-house shop and 3D printers allow transformation of our whiteboard ideas into prototypes in hours, not weeks.

This approach yields bold new ideas that pull from an incredible depth of talent that can be found nowhere else on the planet.

Process Driven Solutions

There are no two spacecraft quite alike. When volume and weight are the top constraints, every component must be scrutinized to ensure it contributes to the success of our operation. We take the same approach with mines on Earth.

From the deepest gold mines in South Africa to the oldest copper mines in the Atacama Desert, our teams focus on the unique geology, environment, and geographic location to develop compelling solutions.

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