Redefining Natural Resources

Why Asteroids

Today, space travel is similar to attempting to travel from New York to Los Angeles on a single tank of gas while storing 100% of your consumables in your car. It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are over 16,000 near-Earth asteroids that share a similar orbit to Earth. Asteroids contain the resources that make it possible to fuel and sustain life in space, creating a new paradigm of travel and human presence in space.


Near-Earth Asteroids are Easily Accessible

More accessible than the Moon, near-Earth asteroids are comprised of natural resources that will accelerate humanity’s exploration and development of deep space.


Rich in Resources

There are an estimated two trillion tonnes of water available on near-Earth asteroids. This water can be used to sustain human life and as propellant for spacecraft.

Through an extensive multi-year observational prospecting program, Planetary Resources has selected the most promising, water-rich asteroid targets for the company’s first exploration mission.